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World famous briquetting system

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RUF is the global market leader in briquetting machines, whose products can be used to press loose materials into briquettes.

Our briquetting system is used in a variety of industries, such as grouting metal (such as aluminum, steel, etc.), wood and other residues. There are many kinds of pressing materials, which have great advantages!

We have sold more than 4000 briquetting machines in over 100 countries and become the global market leader in hydraulic briquetting plants. With an area of over 10000 square meters, we provide you with excellent "made in Germany". As a comprehensive service provider, we always stand in your perspective from planning, installation, commissioning to maintenance.

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Introduction to RUF briquetting system and RUF briquetting machine: 


1、 RUF briquetting system and briquetting machine

The production capacity is 30 to 4800 kg / h

More than 30 years of experience

Sales of over 4000 briquetting systems

As the world leader of briquetting, we are your reliable partner


We design and produce suitable briquetting systems for various applications. RUF briquetting equipment features compact design and plug-in conveying of hydraulic system. Combined with the innovative motor of efficiency class IE2, RUF briquetting system also ensures low power consumption. All models can be used for continuous operation and fully automatic operation.


2、 Metal press

You can choose a variety of briquetting machines and formats.

According to the requirements, the hydraulic unit of our briquetting system can produce a specific compaction pressure up to 5000 kggcm2.

Economical function of briquetting: the system presses out the coolant adhering to the wet metal chips, which can be reused after treatment. This significantly reduces the consumption of expensive lubricants and offsets the expensive disposal costs of chips. Compared with the loose chip, the loss of briquette is obviously lower, so the melt yield is higher.

Optimal adjustment

In the metal industry, you can choose from 60 x 40 mm to 150 x 120 mm. The length of the briquette is variable in a certain range. The choice of briquette shape depends on the required throughput, the type or form of raw material and its bulk density.


Our briquetting machines are suitable for pressing aluminum, steel, cast iron, copper and many other metals.


Advantages of RUF briquetting system: 

·Fully automatic 24-hour operation suitable for

·Compact structure

·Low electrical connection values related to briquette properties

·Other benefits from coal briquettes are compared to loose chips

·The fuel consumption is reduced and the melt yield is increased

·Recovery of expensive cooling lubricants

Last: none