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World famous spraying system

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     As a manufacturer of high productivity spray systems for die casting and forging, gerlieva has been in the field of spray technology for more than 40 years. With its technology and capabilities, gerlieva has developed German national and international standards. Many customers believe in the long-term experience and capabilities of gelieva. Gerlieva's state-of-the-art workplace covers 3500 square meters, where they design, develop and manufacture complete and personalized solutions for die casting and forging applications.

     90% of the products produced by gerlieva are manufactured indoors, so its production process meets the most stringent standards and specifications. Gerlieva provides customers with products that never let you down.

      GERLIEVA achieves customers' expectations with the greatest talent and innovative technology. They provide a comprehensive range of services, including customized services for customers from the initial proposal to the final product. And constantly optimize the quality of this product and service.

        Comprehensive advice, first-class service and its reliability deepen the relationship between gelieva and its customers. What meets the needs of business partners is not only the product quality of gelieva, but also the service concept of gelieva. Gerlieva sets up and optimizes your spray application to suit the requirements of your production process. Training courses and seminars are part of the services provided by gelieva as well as the regular maintenance of the equipment provided. It maintains a large inventory of products and spare parts to ensure delivery as soon as possible when needed.