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Jiangsu Sanli Shengxin Engineering Technology Co., Ltd

SUMNIKEN provides peripheral equipment and related services for die casting, and provides integrated services for peripheral equipment, so as to realize automatic production (integrate peripheral equipment of die casting machine and realize fully automatic integrated system). Design and implement fully automated solutions (design, integration, commissioning, production, training turnkey engineering) for customers. Sanli Shengxin is looking forward to cooperating with you to create a new future of die casting technology.

Continuously improve the safety and reliability of die casting machine peripheral equipment, coordinate production process improvement, and strive to provide the most effective method and high quality products. As an experienced engineering team, we will wholeheartedly provide the best method for our customers. With us to create a world of energy conservation and environmental protection, with automation technology to create a harmonious society between man and nature.

Automatic die casting machine peripheral equipment: picking robot, spraying robot, safety door, melting furnace, insulation furnace and batching system, cooling water tank, conveyor, working platform, punch lubrication, release agent proportioning machine, vacuum machine, preview machine, spray system, mould temperature machine, high voltage point cooler, product traceability identification system, cylinder sleeve heating conveyor belt, air cooling unit.

Provide engineering solutions: integration of water and electricity, process pipeline integration. Integration of robot automatic unit.

Equipment: equipment transformation and maintenance, equipment installation, maintenance, system optimization, system integration and solutions, energy management, process and control automation equipment and spare parts.

Agent: agent of world famous spraying brand, gelieva pressing block system, RUF laser marking laser.