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We act as the agent of international famous brands, quality-oriented, customer-oriented, technology-based, market demand-oriented, to provide customers with high-quality products and services.
SUMNIKEN invites you to create a world of energy conservation and environmental protection, and create a harmonious society between man and nature with automation technology.

peripheral equipment of automatic die casting machine

taking robot, spraying robot, safety door, melting furnace, holding furnace and batching system, cooling water tank, conveyor, working platform, punch lubrication, release agent proportioning machine, vacuum machine, preview machine, spray system, mould temperature machine, high pressure point cooler. product traceability identification system, cylinder liner heating conveyor belt, air cooling unit.


robot inlay device

the equipment has high manufacturing precision and advanced control device, and each part has reliable safety protection measures to prevent equipment damage caused by misoperation and accidents.


cooling water tank (lifting function, temperature control)

customers: KPSNC, Qinan automobile, fast, Changan Automobile, top, Great Wall FAW, Magna, etc. 50 sets have been sold in China.